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Junior Club Registration information for 2016 season

Please use the  "Juniors" tab to obtain Contact & Registration details for the Junior Club and for Junior Player Registration..



Montrose Partnership with SALT - Sport Life & Training

In 2016 -2017 the Montrose Football Club will be partnering with SALT Sport and Life Training to help develop Montrose as the ‘destination club’ of the eastern suburbs.

SALT is a sports health promotion organisation making a major impactin local footy clubs. They deliver highly interactive and powerful education units in the areas that are most concerning our society today:

1.     Drug and Alcohol Education

2.     Parent Drug Education (how to have healthy conversations, not confrontations)

3.     Safe use of Social Media and the Internet

4.     Vilification and Discrimination

5.     Domestic Violence and Respect for Women

6.     Well Being – Depression and Anxiety

7.     Responsible Gambling

8.     Positive Coaching

They will also be helping us develop a core values framework, strong leadership teams and an effective well-being program. 

All SALT facilitators are trained teachers with vast sporting experience.




Every game that Montrose & Blackburn Football Clubs compete in now has more at stake than the 4 Premiership points - they are matches that act as a timely remineder for Members of both Clubs and their communities about looking after each other whether at the footy or when we socialise.

In 2014, when the Clubs hosted an AFL International Cup Match at Montrose (between the USA Revolution and the New Zealand teams) and it was decided to dedicate future matches between our Clubs to the "STEP BACK - THINK" campaign to further raise awareness on how to avoid being involved in the often vicious and unwarranted attacks on people that have occurred in recent years at public entertainment venues.  There have been numerous deaths and permanent disabilities caused to young males over recent years that have also have the added trauma to the families and friends of both the victims and the perpertrators.  

The matches between Montrose and Blackburn are now fought out for the "Step Back - Think Cup" that has been won by Montrose on the first 2 occasions and is currently held by Blackburn after their win in late 2015.  No doubt we are looking forward to the rematch this year and we will be putting in our best effort to win the "CUP" back for Montrose Football Club.  

Keep your eye open for the 2016 draw as these are great matches to watch as both Clubs vie for the "Cup".


Montrose Football Club is now on Team App.  This is an app available on your android or IOS device that allows you to be up to date on all the club news.  If you don’t have one of these devices Team App is also available using the internet.

Once you register for Team App you will be approved by the Montrose Football Club and be allocated against the areas of the club that are relevant to you.  This will keep you updated on club and team news, fixtures, ladders, upcoming events and more as we continue to utilise more areas of this great communication tool.

Get on board and register now for Team App and have club information always available to you.  Team App will ensure you are ready for the 2016 season.

To Get Started:

Go to the app store and search for Team App. Sign Up entering the relevant information.  You will then receive a confirmation email from Team App which will allow you to log in and search for our club Montrose Football Club.

In registering for Montrose Football Club you will be requested on notifications you would like.  Once you have completed this the administration team at MFC will assess and confirm your application and you will receive a notification on your approval.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact Kelly Cooper

0417 525 143 or kel_max@bigpond.com

Junior Club Rules Handbook

Download Rules Handbook


NOW is the time to really support your Club

Thank you to everyone who was a paid up financial member of the Club last season.  It is important that all of us renew our Membership to be a part of an exciting 2016.  To help keep this club the exceptional club that it is, we are asking you to take up the challenge and renew your membership to support us in 2016.

Help make this our BIGGEST Membership year yet - so that we can support all our Coaches and Players in Season 2016.


Click HERE for 2016 Membership Form



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