Welcome to the 2017 Season!

The Board of Management, Senior Committee and the Junior Committee welcome our families and our new families to Montrose Football Club in what is shaping up to be an exciting and rewarding year.

Our Junior Committee is up and going under the leadership of our new Junior President, Adam Wilkinson, who has already working hard on providing a great football program - INCLUDING JUNIOR GIRLS FOOTBALL - in 2017.


Our club is run totally by volunteers and each and every role on the Junior Committee is dedicated to assisting your child to take to the field every week so that they enjoy a safe, inclusive and learning environment, that will help them to be part of a cohesive team.


Your due consideration in taking on one of the nominated roles or even assisting on a sub committee would be beneficial.  There are many roles that are need to be filled to enable our teams to train & compete on the football ground and to socialise off the ground.  Our teams will need volunteer officials such as Team Managers, Goal & Boundary Umires, Trainers, Water Carriers etc. and we need your help on running the BBQ, 


We already have a number of people who have expressed interest in helping out our Coaches and Committee, but we need more.  To enhance the experience for your child we say - get involved!


Junior Vice President, Natasha Wilkinson is available to discuss any of the roles and its requirements with you should you be interested.  Kim can be contacted on 0407 619 900. 

Whilst some people can't take on a full time role, you might be able to assist in the sub committee roles, for example with fundraising, events, grounds or uniform shop. 



Junior Committee Roles & Responsibilities 

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All players and families involved with Montrose Football Club Juniors are requested to review the Junior Families Rules Handbook.

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