Board Meetings

Scheduled 2020 Board Meetings

Monday 18th November 20197pmClub Rooms
Tuesday 3rd December 20197pmClub Rooms
Monday 20th January 20207pmClub Rooms
Wednesday 12th February 20207pmClub Rooms
Monday 16th March 20207pmZoom
Monday 20th April 20207pmZoom
Monday 18th May 20207pmZoom
Tuesday 16th June 20207pmZoom
Monday 19th July 20207pmZoom
Monday 17th August 20207pmZoom
Tuesday 15th September 20207pmZoom
Monday 26th October 20207pmZoom
Wednesday 28th October 20207pmZoom – AGM

If you wish to attend a Board Meeting, please contact the Board Secretary.

2020 AGM

Date – Wednesday 28th October 2020, 7pm

please contact to register your attendance and zoom link.

MFC Board Nomination Forms

MFC Voting Form by Proxy