Life Members of MFC

One of the highest honours Montrose Football Club can bestow is to offer Life Membership as an acknowledgement and recognition of the outstanding and distinctive contribution of eminent persons to the club, who have rendered outstanding voluntary and unpaid service.

Life membership of the Montrose Football Club can be gained under two (2) categories.


  1. Playing
  2. Non-Playing

Life Membership


  • Life Membership shall be awarded automatically to players who have played 175 senior games and may also be awarded to
    those members who have contributed significantly in accordance with the published criteria of the Board of Management.
  • Members who are non playing members shall be nominated and seconded by two (2) other members of the club, such
    nomination being submitted to the Board of Management.
  • Members who are non playing members shall be recommended by the Board of Management to the members at the Annual
    General Meeting who shall vote on such recommendation.
  • Life Membership shall be accepted when members at an Annual General Meeting where 75% of members present vote in
    favour of the Board of Management recommendations being accepted.
  • A Life Member shall be able to attend any General or Special General Meeting and shall have full voting rights.
  • A Life Member shall not pay any membership fees from the acceptance at the Annual General Meeting of his or her
    recommendations to that meeting.
  • The criteria for Life Membership may be amended and changed from time to time on the recommendation of the Board of
    Management and such recommendation being passed by 75% present at the Annual General Meeting.



Acknowledging our Life Members


F.Emery * P.Hamilton S.Habenschuss T.Layton T.Schilling
B.Molin * B.Metcalfe * D.Burley G.Rickard G.Felstead
R.Skien * B.Phefley D.Watson M.Wright M.Langdon
R.Evans * D.Ramadge T.Podesta M.Hayhurst G.Puddy*
R.McBride * J.Harrop M.Garthwaite Mrs K.Ewart A.Haining
P.Burley * C.Evans B.Stephen. T.Fisher B.Gardoll
R.Hawkins * P.Bromiley C.Ward S.Colakidis J.Weatherley
A.Capon G.Gardoll S.Granville H.Van Koll A.Roche
G.Fisher Mrs S. Harrop S.Fregon J.Goodman S.Rickard
L.Wallis A.Neville* R.Hams Mrs M.Gardoll  
G.Taylor K.Smith C.Rogers K.Dowling *  
Mrs M. Norbye * J.McLaughlin R.Crossley D.Rickard  
Mrs O.Bell  * R.Garsed G.Sprague T.Dean  
Mrs V.Pride * J. Hammerstein Ms V Malins R.Ewart  
B.Wellington S.Hayes A.Cook D.Stephen  
Mrs D.Skien K.Jones * P.Donaldson M.Edwards  
A.Rickards Mrs C.Dowling S.Wright G.Reimers  



Forfeiture of Life Membership

Life membership is absolutely forfeited upon any failure to observe any by-laws or constitutional requirements and will be forfeited upon the passing of a special resolution for the removal from Life Membership for reasons not limited to, but as bringing the name of the MFC into disrepute.