Game Day Rules

Modified Rules

U8’s and U9’s match rules are modified to minimise risk. 

There is no tackling in U8s or U9s, nor is kicking the ball off the ground permitted.  Experienced coaching personnel and umpires keep a close watch on the game to ensure that unduly rough play is controlled and managed. It is rare to have serious injuries occur in very young age groups.

For U10s the following ‘Modified Tackle’ rules apply: a player in possession of the ball may be tackled by an opponent wrapping both arms around the area below the top of the shoulders and on/above the knees. The tackle may be from either side or from behind, providing the tackle from behind does not thrust forward player with the ball (i.e. push the player in the back). Bumping is not allowed.

There will also be a reduced number of players on the field for U8s and U9s depending on rules set by the EFL.  Oval sizes will also be smaller.

Non Competitive Teams

Under 8, 9 and 10 teams play non-competitive games i.e. they do not play for premiership points. These age groups are regarded as a chance for junior footballers to learn about the game, develop skills and practice playing in different positions. To that end scores are irrelevant. Scores are kept (not visibly) during Under 10 games to be used for grading purposes only by the EFL for the following season when they enter the competitive competition.