Transfers to Montrose Football Club

So you want to transfer from your current club and play at Montrose Football Club – excellent choice!

For all transfers to play at Montrose (Senior or Junior), we will need to submit (on your behalf) a transfer request to your most recent club via the current online registration & transfer system – you cannot do this yourself.  If you have ever played junior or senior football, regardless of whether it was last season or years ago, you will have an online registration profile already.  Please DO NOT try and re-register with new details as it can create issues in the player database.  If required, we can help you find your details.

The official 2023 Season TRANSFER period for all players opens on the 1st of February 2023. NOTE : This is a change from previous seasons where there was a November transfer period. This is a directive/change made by the AFL for this pre-season only. If you wish to transfer to Montrose, you can still do so “unofficially” until the formal transfer period opens on the 1st of February, and you can still train and become part of the Montrose Football Netball Club family!

If you wish to transfer to Montrose, you can make contact with the club at any time and we can either submit or prepare to submit a transfer on your behalf.

For Junior transfers, please email the following information regarding the junior player to   or contact Hayley (BOYS Coordinator) on 0430396393  or  Angelo (GIRLS Coordinator) on 0488626100  to discuss:

                        Player’s First name & Family name
                        Date of Birth
                        Name of the club & league player is transferring from
                        The email address the player used to register at their previous club (if available – we can assist if you are unsure)
                        Contact phone number (ideally a mobile number, Parent contact if player is under 18)

We will contact you to discuss the transfer process and submit the request on your behalf.  Typically most transfers are completed within a few days, but can take up to 8 working days.

Approved Transfers

Once your old club approves the transfer, you will receive an email indicating this has occurred plus a link to complete your registration with Montrose Football Club.  If you have any issues completing your registration via this link, please contact the relevant Senior or Junior registrar listed above.

Denied Transfers

If your old club denies the transfer, you will receive an email indicating this has occurred.  We can then assist you to confirm why the transfer request was denied and hopefully reach an agreement with your old club so that they approve a subsequent transfer request.  Please contact the relevant Senior or Junior Registrar listed above.